My name is Milana Naumenko ( and I am co-owner of webzine based out of New York City. serves as a digital marketing outlet for new …


My name is Milana Naumenko ( and I am co-owner of webzine based out of New York City.

995743_10153049766640125_692161735_n serves as a digital marketing outlet for new music and it is run by me and my wonderful friend Lucy Frend.


This year I’ve spent an ungodly amount of time listening to indie music and writing about it. I am a big fan and supporter of experimental music and musicians who constantly evolve and deliver something new and refreshing.

I’ve been asked to select my top 5 most influential independent releases of 2013 and I am very excited to introduce you to some brilliant musicians. In my selection, I have focused on music artists who have released exceptional work this year but perhaps did not get all the credit and attention they deserve.

Hanz / A Brief Guide


Genre – Experimental / Electronic

Hometown – North Carolina, America

Label – Independent

Links – Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp

Hanz is an extremely talented electronic music producer based in North Carolina. He is a musician who constantly pushes boundaries and creates unique and challenging compositions. This year Hanz has released his third LP // ‘A Brief Guide’ // and it’s a totally tripped out album full of industrial noise, beautiful melodies, excellent beats, and sharp vocal samples. Hanz manipulates sounds masterfully giving each track a great sense of unpredictability. Listening to his music is like watching a movie with several story-lines unfolding simultaneously and eventually culminating and merging into one.

Odonis Odonis / Better


Genre – Punk / Industrial

Hometown – Toronto, Canada

Label – Buzz Records

Links – Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp / Official Website

There have been a lot of excellent bands emerging from Toronto, Canada and Odonis Odonis is definitely one of them. Their sound is pretty dark and claustrophobic but with a lot of energy and emotions. These lads put a fresh spin on punk. I’ve listened to their latest EP // ‘Better’ // many times and I’ve seen them live. This band is solid!

Thought Forms / Ghost Mountain


Genre – Shoegaze

Hometown – Wiltshire, UK

Label – Invada

Links – Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp / Official Website

Thought Forms are a 3-piece shoegaze band from Wiltshire, UK. This year they have released their most comprehensive effort // ‘Ghost Mountain //. In this album the band has expended their sound by adding new components and exploring new sonic horizons. Listening to // ‘Ghost Mountain’ // is a somewhat spiritual experience. It is a consuming album that does wonders to your imagination.

Yvette / Process


Genre – Noise / Industrial / Experimental

Hometown – Brooklyn, NY, America

Label – Godmode

Links – Facebook / Twitter / Official Website

Yvette are experimental duo from Brooklyn, NY. They take guitar distortion and noise pretty seriously. This year they have released their first LP // ‘Process’ // and it is a brilliant debut that showcases the band’s talent and maturity of their sound. Their music is full of tribal motives, industrial chants, and urban chaos.Through complex texture and rather atypical song structure, Yvette sets themselves apart from many indie bands. They just might be one of the most interesting bands in the underground Brooklyn music scene.

Dawn Of Midi / Dysnomia


Genre – Jazz / Experimental

Hometown – Brooklyn, NY, America

Label – Thirsty Ear

Links – Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp / Official Website

Dawn Of Midi exhaust their instruments but manage to gracefully deliver compositions that do not sound forced or overproduced. Their latest release // ‘Dysnomia’ // has an immense human element and an organic sound while rhythmically and structurally it seems to flow in an isolated environment where every note, every beat, and every loop are well planned out and positioned. // ‘Dysnomia’ //  is very different from anything I’ve listened to this year and if I had to pick one word to describe it, futuristic would be it.

Before you leave, check out PART FOUR with Nima Safai (Lighthouse Records) –



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