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Feature / ‘Round the World in Sound

Foot on the gas, riding on fuzzy fuel punk pop headed towards some dodgy, dirty little hole in the wall for some hip-thrusting, raunchy good times.

Feature / Girls F*@#ING Rock Pt.9

Funky, nostalgic, and fresh, Asta’s Shine EP will keep you on your feet from start to finish.

Feature / Hey! Check This Out!

An oddly perfect combination that you'd never assume would work even if you can fathom the sound.

Premiere / Sage / Procrastinate

Just how these dudes found each other and managed to put together a super-solid, 90s bent, lo-fi, alt-rock album just blows us away. They literally must be the only cool kids in Cochrane.

Feature / New Videos

Proof that all you need to make a good music video (apart from a good song) is probably just sitting in your house.

Feature / Audio Antihero / Unpresidented Jams

Support those who need it!

Feature / The Finest in Folk

He speaks to an unnamed lover who he would gladly rot in hell with, just for the chance of being bad together in this lifetime.


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Review / Insignificant Other

She's easy to pick out in a crowd: incredibly short, a typically loud outfit, and a smile from ear to ear wherever she goes.

Review / Pile / A Hairshirt of Purpose

It's a special, experimental and immensely satisfying piece of work.

Review / Agency / Identity

Agency didn’t necessarily want to record a political album, but found that events in the U.S. over the last year made politics impossible to ignore.


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Interview / Gender Roles

For example we would be sitting there and be like “How fun would it be if a boob could talk?” And then I’ll draw a boob and Jed will make it talk.

Interview / Hanger Records

My whole goal is to draw people from one band to another. I want people to come to the Hanger Bandcamp and listen to the band they already know, discover more, and hopefully listen to everything on there and be like “ This is cool, I can get behind this.”

Interview / Pet Grief

Touring is fun! It’s good to get out there. I could just play in front of the sound man and the band that we’re touring with and I’d still be happy.

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Music Hunter / Operation: Bandcamp

It's weird, it's quirky and it's actually a whole lot of fun.

Music Hunter / Operation: Inbox

Smooth. Slick. A sexy little underlying groove to boot. This is baby making music is what this is.

Music Hunter / Operation : Reddit

This may even but emo but for the first time, no one's noticing, or cringing.

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Feature / The Beatmakers Pt.2

Jae Pyl | Feb 05, 2016

Groovy. Silky. Slow flow and fine.

Anthony Spak’s Top Five Acts To Watch In 2016

Anthony Spak | Jan 08, 2016

Lume’s approach to the recent shoegaze revival is modest but instantly gratifying: simple riffs and hard-hitting rhythms played loudly through high-end gear.

Lisa Fierstein’s Top Five Acts To Watch In 2016

Lisa Fierstein | Jan 07, 2016

Breakfast is a strange meal, and I think I like it that way.

Phil Gerigscott’s Top Five Bands To Watch In 2016

Phil Gerigscott | Jan 05, 2016

Just in time for the mid-winter glum and hopelessness, The Shivas will come to the rescue with their warm and sunny surf and psych.

Feature / Top Fifteen Albums of 2015

Jae Pyl | Dec 22, 2015

2015 was easily the year of indie alt-rock and female-led or dominated bands.