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Owner, manager, writer, editor, and casual acquaintance to the music hunter, Jae Pyl is one of the two original founders of IMN and has been working on making IMN a legitimate force in music news since its inception in 2011. Hailing from Ottawa, CA, Jae is also a regular concert goer in South-East Ontario. Passionate about bringing real, independent music to a broader audience and convinced that the 99% sounds way better than the 1%, Jae is addicted to music discovery and uncovering that next badass sound.

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September 18, 2016

Feature / Weekly Round Up!

Slightly psychedelic, seriously mellowed, there’s also a droned out, deep sea factor here that pulls you 60-feet under when you jump right in. Go ahead. Get lost in this one.

Janis Joplin Touch Like Water Different Now i was feeling down, then i found a nice witch and now we're friends Slop Say It Moby Dick