An oddly perfect combination that you’d never assume would work even if you can fathom the sound.

Since it’s been so gray out this week (here at least it is) and we’re feeling terribly unoriginal, all we have to say is,

‘Hey! Check this out!’


Chick Quest:

Chick Quest combines dance-y post-punk with 60’s Western soundtracks. An oddly perfect combination that you’d never assume would work even if you can fathom the sound. Sounds interesting? It is. It’s a whole lot of fun too. Vocal performance is somewhat reminiscent of Parquet Courts if that at all whets your whistle. Their new album, ‘Model View Controller’, is out now.

Top Down:

Top Down’s EP Rough Roads came out on the 17th of last month and is well worth checking out. Here’s our favourite single off the album, ‘The Tunnel’. Think grunge-y punk with rock sensibilities driving the overall sound. Attitude. Moxy. Pizazz. There’s a lot of great things going on here.

Charlie Straw:

In Canada at least, the winter’s been long and this week’s been real cold and wet. Charlie Straw’s finding the silence and some self control, doing some real soul-searching in a cut that starts sombre and slow but builds in strength into a bit of a rollicking mantra chant that’s sure to get that ember burning bright and maybe even spark something inside.


In sharp (haha, knife pun) contrast to the last track, Knifey’s got a real surfy poppy punk rock cut here that’ll get you thinking forward to the sun and surf. It’s full of warm reminiscence and is sure to help kick out those winter blues and grays and whites.

The History of Colour TV:

Don’t care what anyone else says. We love shoegaze here at IMN. It may not inspire one to climb a mountain or get you up and dancing but damn can it ever put a bit of a smile (but just a bit) on your face while you’re staring down, moving back and forth slightly (but just slightly). The History of Colour TV’s newest album, ‘Something Like Eternity’, came out last month.

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