Proof that all you need to make a good music video (apart from a good song) is probably just sitting in your house.

A little bit of weird and a lot of good. Here’s the latest new videos we’ve been enjoying at IMN over the last month.


Alexander F – Call Me Pretty

So it may not have the most convincing start to the song, but there’s a reason why this cut is at the top of this list. A fun little rock song that’s got a bit of edge to it combined with a serious pop flare. The video is quirky, energetic and quite simply, entertaining.

Sui Zhen – Hangin’ On

Wouldn’t be a good new videos list if we didn’t chuck in at least one WTF moment for you. This time around we’ve chucked in 3! (Hold tight for the other 2). Though the video and song come off initially as quite niche and oddly ‘artistic’ with feminist undertones that may put some viewers off, the hook is catchy, the melodies have an asian persuasion, and it’s actually quite a well-shot video. Check it out for yourself.

Moon Duo – Lost in Light / Cold Fear

Straight from the artist because these next two videos by Moon Duo are almost beyond words.

‘Lost In Light’ is the Yang to ‘Cold Fear’s Yin. In ‘Cold Fear’ the aliens ruled the planet in their giant skyscrapers and tortured humanoids. ‘Lost In Light’ continues the story of ‘Cold Fear’ a million years into the future, when the aliens have died off after exhausting the planet’s resources, and nature reclaims the land. Huge flowers grow out of the dead humanoids, aliens, and their buildings. Moon Duo emerge from an alien’s head as a flower and rainbow, becoming one with the planet as the sun absorbs everything into oblivion.’

Saint Motel – Sweet Talk (360 Virtualizer)

Though we’re not quite sure exactly how it works, the idea of a 360 video sounds cool. Almost as cool as the actual song which, really, if you can’t figure out how to actually experience the 360 degree-ness, is good enough without the video. But hey, if you’ve got a VR set-up or aren’t noobs like us, enjoy!

…And The Hangnails – Don’t Waste My Time (360 Official Music Video)

Proof that all you need to make a good music video (apart from a good song) is probably just sitting in your house. Camera? Check. Bike? Check. Ok let’s do this.

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