PUP is exactly what everyone needs on a Monday. A big push forward and middle finger squarely raised.

Thank god it’s Monday. Don’t you just love Mondays? A fresh start. Another chance to finally enact your new year’s resolutions. “This week, I’m going to go to the gym at least 4 times.” “This week, I’m going to quit smoking.” “I will not look at Japanese porno every night this week. Maybe just twice.” “This week, I’m going to buy loads of veggies and cook every night.” We all do it. We all make promises to ourselves. Mondays help us forget about the shit we’ve been ingesting and digesting through every hole we’ve got over the past week and look forward to something new, something different and better.


So there’s a lot of reasons we’ve been listening to PUP at the IMN offices lately. It’s not just their infectious energy that makes you feel like jumping up and down, crashing into your friends, and shouting at the top of your lungs. PUP feels cathartic. PUP is exactly what everyone needs on a Monday. A big push forward and middle finger squarely raised. PUP’s rowdy punk rock has an underlying mojo that’s empowering and filled with a palpable who-gives-a-fuck vibe. This is going to be a good week.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Since dropping ‘Nonagon Infinity’ a few months ago, there’s been a resurgence of interest in psychedelic rock around here. KG&TLW are everything we love about the genre. Weird, enchanting, intense and vibrant, KG&TLW are a trip. Who know’s where you’ll end up by the end of this week. You may finally start walking down that righteous path to self-fulfillment. Or you may end up strapped inside a giant turkey costume with 5 other guys. That’s why Mondays are so exciting!

Joscho Stephan Trio

What everyone needs on a Monday. Inspiration. Joscho Stephan plays guitar better than rock and roll Jesus. With hard work, even you might be able to pull off something as ridiculous as this.

The Yawpers

More of that elemental energy you can throw on while crushing some push ups or banging out some reps (I have no idea what people say at the gym, clearly). The Yawpers will help you through the tedium of the week. The Yawpers will get right into you. Their manic, sometimes rabid power is enough to drive you to do something brash, for better or worse. Set the tone for your week. Check out the Yawpers.


In May of this year, we were contacted by a one Timothy Wojcik. Tim, from Brooklyn NY, had just put together some music under the name CUP. Over the last two months, Tim’s Soundcloud page has ballooned with tracks that are filled with a noisy, sometimes grating, punky garage rock that’s extremely quirky and fun. It’s Monday. A perfect day to try something new and unusual. This is definitely both.

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