OH so clear right off the bat. This track is fresh as fuck and fly as hell.

It’s been awhile since we’ve done a Beatmakers so it’s high time we brought some fresh pulses and pops to satisfy your ears. So get cozy and sit down in something you wont mind melting into.


Portable Sunsets:

Has anyone else noticed a lot of electronic (and many other genres mind you) sounds more and more like the best Tetris soundtrack? The samples in Portable Sunset’s ‘Millionth’ seem straight out of 8bit Nintendo cartridges and I wouldn’t be surprised if many of them actually are. It’s reminiscent and familiar while also being playful, fun and downright funky. Making me want to stomp Koopas all over again. The LP, ‘Order’ was out mid last month and you can hear it all as well as order it here.

Emma Jensen:

OH so clear right off the bat. This track is fresh as fuck and fly as hell. Super smooth throughout, ‘Closer’ by the Norwegian Emma Jensen is like a cushy, pillowy bed of marshmallowey ooey gooey goodness. It’s the kind of ear candy that makes your brain soften up a few degrees and your shoulders to lower back into your chair. Go ahead. Get in there.

in love with a ghost:

We’ve professed our love for in love with a ghost before. Is it just us or as soon as some kind of mystical, funky electronic music features charming, curio-curious sounding Japanese kids saying, what I can only imagine is something straight of a Miyazaki film, does the music instantly become really fun to dive into. It’s like you’re entering another world.


A deep little grinding beat set behind some really lovely splashes of colour and wait, here comes a voice that’s distant but present, clearly distorted, lighting up the dark spaces you didn’t realize were present until you hear it call out into the void. There’s a lot to sit with here and at 6 plus minutes BUHU’s ‘La Truth’ certainly satisfies. There’s also something certainly 80’s going on here; almost Tears For Fears-y.


We posted something on FB and Twitter about this album when we first heard it the other day and we couldn’t seem to stop ourselves from posting it here just in case anyone missed out. Reimagining Miyazaki from Ghosting, is a magical mixtape of minimalist Miyazaki soundtracks made decidedly not so minimal with the addition of layers loose and extraordinary to sink into and to touch a whole other dimension. Just a click away.

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