She’s easy to pick out in a crowd: incredibly short, a typically loud outfit, and a smile from ear to ear wherever she goes.

When first faced with Insignificant Other’s extensive, steady stream of releases, it’s easy to not know where to start. The self-noted “Queer Pop” group have been putting out various EPs and records for more than three years now, seemingly never waiting more than four months to have new material out. And in the time of easy-to-make iPhone recordings and broadcasted internet, it seems there’s no reason to put anything on hold if you’re prolific. Simona “Sim” Morales, the songwriter of the band, acknowledges this reality with sarcasm, naming one of their recent releases: “Candid Hour with Sim (not another iPhone demo).” It’s a funny approach–and the songwriting is there to back it up.

I first met Simona a few years ago when one of my bands played a show in Gainesville, Florida – the Southern town that Insignificant Other is based out of and where Simona currently goes to school. She’s easy to pick out in a crowd: incredibly short, a typically loud outfit, and a smile from ear to ear wherever she goes. In the times I’ve gone back to Florida, I’m usually lucky enough to catch up with her.

One collection of songs in particular that has stood out to me since its release in February 2015 is the ‘Cop Kisser EP.’ This is one of those times where it isn’t just Sim with a guitar or keyboard but a full band backing her. Just five songs with the lengths of the tracks never surpassing 3:30, but throughout the EP and within the tracks themselves, there’s a solid dynamic between jumpy and soft. Another thing this EP handles well is its ability to carry melodies. There are a lot of keys present imitating lines that Morales has sung beforehand. The first song on the EP, ‘Con Artist’, is a personal favorite. Sim recollects former conversations with a friend or partner and puts experiences forward stating “maybe I will misinterpret everything you say tonight” going on later in the song to say “if I can expect anything from you, it’s that you’ll call me crying over someone else and it’ll be just like old times / we’ll talk until daylight.” The EP continues with more songs of reminiscences and trials which one can begin to assume are about dealing with a long distance relationship. Sim Morales seems to speak to this in the song ‘Double Bed’. “It’s day one hundred and eighty-six without waking up in the same bed as you but who’s counting?”

Keep on the lookout for Insignificant Other as they find their way out of Gainesville. We’re looking forward to future releases — iPhone demo or not.

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