It’s weird, it’s quirky and it’s actually a whole lot of fun.

The Music Hunter is getting down deep into the jungles of Bandcamp today using the discover feature to try and nail down a few prize pieces to show off to all of you. Let’s see what he’s found.


In Love With a Ghost:

Didn’t have to go too deep to find this one. One of Bandcamp’s best-selling ‘pop’ albums at the moment goes to ‘In Love With A Ghost’ from Bratislava. Probably the best example of the ‘lo-fi, ambient, electronic, chillwave, gamer’ genre we’ve yet heard. Play this for an old-timer and there’s not much to love at all but play this for some new ears with a penchant for millenial sounds and they’ll eat it right up. Sure some of it sounds like a video game. Sure some of it is like bright lollipops dancing about in front of an 8bit screen. It’s weird, it’s quirky and it’s actually a whole lot of fun.


Found this one lazily lingering around some rock and roll rocks. Vacations is a slightly surfy indie rock band out of Atlanta Georgia that makes leisurely lo-fi music. I’ll stop with the alliteration now. With vocals that have reminiscences of the Smiths and an overall performance that’s like gooey caramel in flow and form, it’s hard not to be proud of bagging this one.


Every now and then on a hunt, you bag one that you’ll have to move something at home in order to mount it proudly. That’s stef. stef is amazing. We love stef. stef is on heavy rotation. Stef Chura is a singer-songwriter with a grungey soul and a killer voice that drips with attitude and charm. It’s a bit melancholy but a lot of clever and extremely well-rounded for a sound that, at times, is lovingly spare.


A few of us here at IMN have soft spots for handclaps, harmonies and songs that remind us of the cultural roots we’ve come from. There’s a real East coast folk vibe running through these tracks. Sounds like a blend of Appalachian folk with some serious maritime undertones. Colourful and a lot of heft. This one will look good in the collection.

Diet Cig

Save the best for last. Released just a week ago and already sold out of vinyl and tapes on their Bandcamp page, Diet Cig’s brilliant follow-up to their previous work is the best thing we found on this hunt (that we also can’t believe we forgot was coming out!). Even cuter, even louder, and even smarter than before. ‘Swear I’m Good At This’ is one of our favourite releases of the year so far.

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