Smooth. Slick. A sexy little underlying groove to boot. This is baby making music is what this is.

The music hunter’s back at it! This time he’s been digging around in our inbox for something to share with all of you. May not be the most adventurous hunting expedition, but hey, just click and enjoy.


Divisionists – Say Can You

Fuzzy and fun, Divisionists most recent single ‘Say Can You’ off of their upcoming album, Daybreak (out March 17th), is terribly catchy, foot-tappy, and all around sweet and slap happy.

Oiseaux-Tempête – I Don’t Know, What or Why

With all of the chaos around the world and particularly in the Middle-East right now, the upcoming album from Oiseaux Tempête [a perennially creative and fantastic outfit], showcases a strong Arabic influence alongside their usual ambient, psychedelic, post-rock sound. Featuring, for example, Tamer Abu Ghazaleh (Palestinian musician and leader in the contemporary Arabic music scene) in the track featured below, Oiseaux-Tempête has managed to capture a bit of the restlessness and tension pouring out of that part of the world by putting it all into a sound that’s sure to cause some disquiet.

Magic Island – Like Water

Lo-fi dreamy electro synthy pop? Yes please! A Canadian with Polish roots making a name for herself and a serious splash in the Berlin music scene? Tell me more! Her album is available now for download? Sure is buckaroo.

Tashaki Miyaki – Girls on T.V.

Now that the hunter’s got a taste for lo-fi blood, we’re gonna sink our teeth in a bit further on this one. It’s meatier than the last. Much brighter and bursting with flavour. There’s a kind of fun country-esque vibe that runs underneath the dreamy lo-fi pop on offer here. It’s a surprisingly fantastic combination that works perfectly. It’s when the song starts devolving into growing fuzz when you’re finally sucked down deep enough to fall for this track though. We’re a little in love. Are you?

Paloma – Touch

Smooth. Slick. A sexy little underlying groove to boot. This is baby making music is what this is.

Dion Lunadon – Fire

Driving really fast? On the last leg of your run? On a coke binge or just need something to blare? Maybe you hate your neighbours. Maybe you’ve just been sent to your room and you want to lock your door and blast some tunes to piss of your mom? Look no further. This cut is a full-on shock-wave rippling through the walls and your headphones, scrambling up your brain space. And it just doesn’t let up! This song IS fire. It’s fucking pyrotechnics!

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