The shots are fantastic, but have a minimalist touch.

As the band Meeking prepares to release their new album I am because we are, Independent Music News is proud to premiere Meeking’s new music video for the song “Wheels,” the melancholy but forceful eighth track off ‘I am because we are’.

The video is a stunningly shot bit of film work: moody and at times frantic. Taking place in a nicely derelict room, (sagging potted plants, patches of brick wall, wires and big windows) essentially the chillest-looking jam space ever, the band soulfully blasts through the four-and-a-half-minute tune. A longtime friend of Jake Meeking (lead vocals, guitar, and namesake of the band) named Miguel Santana directed the video. Miguel and Jake used to play in a band together back in the day, performing mainly Rage Against the Machine covers, before Jake put his focus into music (and writing originals) and Miguel went into film.

Miguel currently does VFX work for big Hollywood movies: the new Star Wars movies and Guardians of the Galaxy, among many others. This knowledge has clearly paid off for the “Wheels” video. The shots are fantastic, but have a minimalist touch, a much more stripped-back approach than what Miguel must be used to doing in his VFX job. The video is a straight-forward recording of the band playing their song, using some atmospheric lighting and the occasional slow-mo shot, and quick well-paced cuts between it all. The feel is definitely the same as an intimate live performance, and delivers a good window into what the band values in their art, and how they would like to be seen. You can see more of Miguel’s work at

Music-wise, the song itself is a great microcosm for the album as a whole, and offers a sneak peek into what a listener can expect from Meeking’s sound, as well as the upcoming album. The sound of “Wheels” is like Jeff Buckley on an intense day, (or maybe like if Jeff had spent his early days playing RATM covers). Meeking is planning to release I am because we are on October 20 of this year (along with a review of the album from yours truly). If you like what you see and hear in “Wheels,” you can follow Meeking at all the usual places: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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