Annoyingly infectious and interesting lyrically.

Five great cuts to kick-start your week. Check out these hot new artists and tracks.



Mesmeric ally taunt and glacial, its Hookian bass riff melds to the angelic vocals, resulting in Fuzz Pop Heaven. Disciplined, it never misses the musical bull’s-eye. Their aim is true.

The Technicolors – Little Charmer

This could well be the soundtrack to the summer. It is well crafted, with lovely melancholic vocals and hooks a plenty. A festival song to which we can all hug each other.

RG Lowe – State of Play

Chilled out tune which at times reminds you of Rumours era Fleetwood Mac. Atmospheric and haunting, again a grower. Put this on, close your eyes and kick back.

Dream Version – Fight Fair

This band is the delicious musical filling that is slabbed within the bread wedges of The Fall and The B52s. Annoyingly infectious and interesting lyrically. Perhaps your favourite new band? Could well be, “if you washed yourself clean”.

Chest Pains – Shame

Another great example of the DIY Punk movement which is growing from a wave to a tide. A slow-fast sonic assault on a checklist of boredom and political anger. Catches the UK Brexit zeitgeist perfectly.

Janis Joplin Touch Like Water Different Now i was feeling down, then i found a nice witch and now we're friends Slop Say It Moby Dick